Sea Trinity Earrings
  • Sea Trinity Earrings


    Oh the power of three... the triangle is the strongest shape, it is the balance of mind, body and spirit, and the inverted triangle represents the feminine. These earrings are a symbol of feminine strength and our ties to the seas, whose lunar cycles we share.


    Each earring is handmade in fine silver (.999) with three tiny scallop shells, the chain and ear hooks are sterling. A small faceted green chalcedony drop dangles from one point of each triangle.


    Each piece of my jewlery is handcrafted one at a time from start to finish, meaning no two pieces will be exacly alike. Yes your earrings will match but my process is quite organic so please allow for tiny variances. There is beauty in imperfection, and little inclusions like a finger print here or there are the mark of the artist. The natural elements I use are made from molds I have made from my finds on the beaches of Cape Cod. A lot of love and intention goes into making each piece and that's what makes them special. My process is meaningful and you'll feel that when you hold my work in your hand, much more than you would with a less expensive, machine manufactured piece.


    GoGreen! : The metal in the clays I use are from recycyled materials like scrap jewelry, electronics like cell phones, monitors, and computers, x-rays, photographic film and industrial waste. My suppliers are focused on using environmentally ethical methods to create their products. 












    Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy:

    All my designs are original. No pieces and/or designs in any of my photos are to be duplicated, reproduced, or copied without my personal, verbal and written permission. Thank you.