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What is eco-conscious jewelry?

I'm very dedicated to creating using only recycled materials and the most eco-friendly processes, so that I am respecting nature in my process as well as my designs.

What makes us different?

Each piece of jewelry is hand made using precious metal clay. This clay is recycled from industrial processes like used films, old xrays, and other silver-sensitized products. I work with a company called Aida Industries, who has been working on recycling precious metals as an alternative solution to exhausting naturally occurring mineral resources.

What is Metal Clay?

Metal clay is an amazing material that allows me to work with metals in a more organic way. It's similar to working with real clay but is definitely more delicate to work with. After I make my form in the clay it is air dried and then kiln fired before I finish each piece by hand. My kiln and studio run on solar power too!

clay process.jpg
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