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This design is based on what I like to call the eye of the sea. A beautiful 5mm labradorite shines as the iris. Five shells symbolize the lashes of an eye that is closed but at the same time open, with a sight turned inward. You might like to think of it like a third eye. It is the inner knowing we find when we look within. It whispers to you saying, "You are not a drop in the ocean but the ocean in a drop." Our outside world may be turbulent like the stormy sea, but when we stop and breathe and look within ourselves we can find a calm, deep and strong like the fathoms of the ocean.



Handcrafted from fine silver clay each piece is lovingly made from start to finish by me in my little studio by the sea. This piece comes on an 18 inch sterling silver chain but please message me if you desire a different length. It is secured by a sterling silver lobster clasp.


This necklace is made to order, therefore they may be slightly different from the one pictured. Because each piece is carefully crafted from metal clay there will be small variances between each piece. If you are concerned about these slight variations I can always send you pictures of your item(s) before they ship! Please contact me for any reason at Have a great idea for a piece, let me know, I loved doing custom work!


GoGreen! : The majority of the metal in the clays I use are from recycyled materials like scrap jewelry, electronics like cell phones, monitors, and computers, x-rays, photographic film and industrial waste. My suppliers are focused on using environmentally ethical methods to create their products, and so am I!

Now I Can Sea

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