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This dainty necklace features a cluster of tiny barnacles, one encloses a a neon blue cubic zirconia. It comes on a delicate 14k gold filled chain measuring approximately 16 inches. It lays comfortably across your collar bone adding the most petite sparkle to your ensemble, great for layering too! For those concerned with skin allergies the clasp and findings are also 14k gold filled. Each necklace is handmade and finished by me with the utmost love, care and attention to detail. **If you would like a different stone or chain length please don't hesitate to contact me. I love doing custom work.**


This necklace is made to order, therefore they may be slightly different from the one pictured. Because each piece is carefully crafted from metal clay there will be small variances between each piece. If you are concerned about these sligth variations I can always send you pictures of your item(s) before they ship! Please contact me for any reason at Have a great idea for a piece, let me know, I loved doing custom work!


GoGreen! : The majority of the metal in the clays I use are from recycyled materials like scrap jewelry, electronics like cell phones, monitors, and computers, x-rays, photographic film and industrial waste. My suppliers are focused on using environmentally ethical methods to create their products












Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy:

All my designs are original. No pieces and/or designs in any of my photos are to be duplicated, reproduced, or copied without my personal, verbal and written permission. Thank you.

Barnacle Necklace

  • Your gold filled chain is very delicate. It should be strong enough for normail wear but please avoid wearing your jewelry to bed, in the shower, or when swimming or exercising. Please do not use jewelry cleaning solution or chemicals, as the can strip the gold layer on your chain. Avoid contact with perfumes, oils, lotions and hairspray as the can tarnish your necklace. They are best kept in a little zip lock,which is included, while they are not being worn to prevent oxidization. Thanks.






    "Please contact me regarding any allergies prior to purchase or usage if you have any know allergies or allergy concerns.

    *Allergy Disclaimer -Moon Compass Studio, including any/all of its affiliates will not be held responsible for any allergic reaction to jewelry either made by or sold by Moon Compass Studio. With proven hypoallergenic reactions or severe reactions to jewelry it is highly likely that your sensitivity response is different to the next person. Some people can react to any form of metal, whether it is precious or not, while others may have no reaction and/or don't even realize they have an allergy.
    It is common to confuse precious metal allergies with irritation from some other source which are often overlooked including dirty or ill-fitting jewelry. If your jewelry has been plated, it may be that the plating metals are causing an allergic reaction, not the precious metal under it. For example, some rhodium and gold plating has a barrier-plate of nickel - a common metal which can trigger allergies

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