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What is eco-friendly jewelry?

I'm very dedicated to creating using only recycled materials and the most eco-friendly processes, so that I am respecting nature in my process as well as my designs.

Each piece of jewelry is hand made using precious metal clay. This material is created with silver that has been recycled from industrial processes like used films, old x-rays, and other silver-sensitized products and obsolete tech items. I work with a company called Aida Industries, who has been working on recycling precious metals as an alternative solution to exhausting naturally occurring mineral resources for decades.

Precious metal clay is an amazing material that allows me to work with metals in a more organic way. It's similar to working with real clay but is definitely more delicate to work with. After I sculpt each piece in the clay, it is air dried and then kiln fired before I finish each piece by hand using traditional jewelry techniques. My kiln and studio run on solar power too!


Caring for your Jewelry

Your gold filled / sterling silver chain is very delicate. It should be strong enough for normal wear but please avoid wearing your jewelry to bed, in the shower, or when swimming or exercising. Please do not use jewelry cleaning solution or chemicals, as the can strip the gold layer on your chain. Avoid contact with perfumes, oils, lotions and hairspray as the can tarnish your necklace. Natural oxidation will occur and will add to the uniqueness of your piece, but if you like a simple polishing cloth may be used to return the original shine. Please contact me with any questions, I hope you treasure your wearable art.

Do you make custom work?


YES! Do you have a shell from your favorite beach or vacation spot that you would love to have as a precious keepsake? I can cast it in silver or bronze for you! Let's collaborate and make an heirloom that is a wearable reminder of a place or experience you treasure.

Have an idea for a custom work of art?

Please reach out I love making custom work!



Get in touch


All finished items will be shipped within 2 to 3 business days upon clearance of payment. Please allow an additional 5 to 7 business days for products that are made to order to be completed. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase, (with the exclusion of commissioned pieces) 2you may return for a full refund, buyer pays return shipping. Please contact me with any concerns immediately and I promise to do my best to resolve any possible issues. Thank you for buying handmade and supporting individual artists.





"Please contact me regarding any allergies prior to purchase or usage if you have any know allergies or allergy concerns.

*Allergy Disclaimer -Moon Compass Studio, including any/all of its affiliates will not be held responsible for any allergic reaction to jewelry either made by or sold by Moon Compass Studio. With proven hypoallergenic reactions or severe reactions to jewelry it is highly likely that your sensitivity response is different to the next person. Some people can react to any form of metal, whether it is precious or not, while others may have no reaction and/or don't even realize they have an allergy.
It is common to confuse precious metal allergies with irritation from some other source which are often overlooked including dirty or ill-fitting jewelry. If your jewelry has been plated, it may be that the plating metals are causing an allergic reaction, not the precious metal under it. For example, some rhodium and gold plating has a barrier-plate of nickel - a common metal which can trigger allergies

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