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Collective Connections

Living so close to the ocean I have the luxury of going to the beach to recharge, to breathe, to turn everything off, to turn myself back on, open my eyes and really see the world around me. The seemingly soft seaside colors glow brilliantly in my eyes. Each grain of sand is visible beneath me, stretching endlessly on like the stars in the universe, each infinite and unique snowflakes in a blizzard. My fingers sift through the ages, coarse and soft all at once. The smallest of miracles lie there in the sand, just the shell of a life lived unbound in the azure depths depths of the unknown. Just outside of these endless blues, I listen to the crashing at the edge of our two worlds and feel at peace, full of the beauty and wonder of the present moment.

As a reminder of this moment, that is every moment, I will often carry one of those small organic curiosities with me. It is a token of remembrance that at anytime I can return to that peace, finding strength in the knowing that the tide continues like the earth's heartbeat in concert with my own.

I create unique pieces of jewelry that bear witness to the awesomeness of nature and our interconnectedness. It is my hope that sharing my work will bring us all back to nature, to take a quite moment and listen to the ocean inside us.

Jewelry has always been very meaningful to me because I imbue each piece with an emotion or experience. The art as object is given meaning by the gift of the giver, a time in my life, a treasured memory, a new beginning, in memoriam, in celebration, an intention, and as a talisman. In creating I am seeking to provide a similar special experience for the wearer.

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