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Be The Change You Wish to SEA in the World


Moon Compass Studio is all about respecting and reconnecting to nature. The Ocean needs are help desperately. That is why a percentage of all Moon Compass Sales go toward supporting organizations that are actively working to restore the life of our oceans. But there are small things we can all do that together will make a big impact on the future of our planet.

Overfishing is the number one threat to our oceans right now. When you buy fish, buy fish that are local if you can, or wild caught versus farmed. You can also look for the Marine Stewardship Council stamp of approval. There are also apps like Seafood Watch and Sea Choice that can help you make the best decision while you are at the grocery store or out to eat.



















Did you know plastics never break down? Great job refusing that plastic straw, and carrying your own stainless steel one! Here are Seven Easy Ways to reduce plastic pollution. GEt involved in your local community. Find ways to join together and help your neighborhood or town clean up litter. You don't have to live on the coast to help the ocean. All rivers and waterways lead to the sea.






Children Cleaning Beach
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